This is a website dedicated to all those who
are curious enough to wander where others will not.
I go because I love to be in places that have been left alone.
Places that have been left in silence.
In that silence I find peace.
In that peace I find expression.


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We are going to be traveling the world in search of the most beautiful abandoned places and bring them to you.

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Tanya Diaz and Featured in the WLRN article by Nathaniel Sandler. Featured on NPR.
"How Urban Explorers Record History South Florida Forgot"

***4/14/13*** Featured in this short school documentary by Denise de La Vega.


Gave a facelift to the image gallery.
Uploaded a few locations that hadn't been previously published.
8 new albums total.


Photos of Miami Beach Castle before the fire in images gallery.
Also photos were featured in!

abandonedmuse at gmail dot com

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I do not harm any of these places.
I only take photographs and leave

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