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My friend Bret had told me about this place a few weeks before. I personally love shooting abandoned hospitals so after plans fell through to get into the abandoned mall because of security we found this place wide open. We walked in and part of it had some crazy alarm and still had electricity! We decided to not go in there and try the next few doors down. The first floor was pitch black. Litter all over the place from the previous explorers who apparently decided to vandalize it. We did manage to find an Xray machine, various OR tables and contraptions and a few cool rooms. All in all it has 4 floors. With the floors on the top having way more light than the lower floors. Black mold covered the walls and it had asbestos, and insulation all over. We found nothing that identified the name of this hospital. I plan on going back for a second exploration soon because I still have so much to shoot but this is what I have for now... Nikon D90 with a Sigma 10-20 Lens shot in RAW format.
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